Counselling can be totally alien, if it is not something you have done before. Feel free to ask anything you would like to know.

Although many people seek counselling at a point of crisis when they are in real need of support, I don’t believe it’s necessary to have an “issue” to come to counselling . after all who do you know that couldn’t do with an hour a week to offload to a neutral, confidential outsider?

The difference between counsellors and other types of therapists or coaches is that we have been rigorously trained specifically in listening and communication and have had extensive persona therapy of our own.

I, personally, have had around 500 hours personal therapy, so you can be sure if you work with me, I understand how uncomfortable you may feel in that chair and we will definitely be working with your agenda and not mine, which is exactly how it should be.

Your therapy is all about you, what you need, where you are at and whether or not I am the right therapist for you.

I have over ten years experience as a counsellor, working with individuals, facilitating therapy groups and teaching up to level 5.

I have worked with a huge range of issues and individuals in private practice and agencies and developed substantial experience of working with bereavement. Specifically; baby bereavement, infertility and survivors of suicide.

I hold qualifications in Hypnotherapy and bodywork therapies that inform my practice and enable me to better understand the human condition.

However, my qualifications and experience, matter far less than whether you believe I am the right therapist for you and feel comfortable with me exploring your thoughts and feelings.

If you are looking for a therapist, I would highly recommend doing some research to find out who is available to you and maybe meeting with a few options before deciding who to work with, much as you would explore your options when looking for any other service or goods. I am more than happy to be part of this process.

When you have decided I am the therapist for you, we will decide together the best approach to enable you to achieve your desired outcome. Initially, this is usually weekly sessions for an agreed period of time. Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £60.

Eastbourne Therapy Collective Therapy Room

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