How important is effective communication in the workplace?

It is absolutely essential within a productive workplace that everybody is able to communicate effectively. It means that everyone will be fully aware of the expectations of them and will have more time to meet those expectations rather than decipher what they are. In essence it will make your workplace and workforce more productive.

Effective communication is and has to be a 2 way street. It is the ability to give clear expectations and instructions, alongside the ability to hear any issue or input from the other party and find compromise in a balanced fashion, from both parties.

Effective communication is often something a person assumes they have and do well, but that is seen and experienced very differently by those around them. In order to communicate truly effectively, you need to be prepared to honestly assess who you are and what you do well and less well.

We can often get stuck in believing things are good and bad, right or wrong, but actually if we can remove our feeling of defensiveness around that and just see our behaviour as human, explainable and on a scale that may need some adjusting, it becomes easier to assess and adjust, much as you would any other resolvable and ongoing task within the workplace.

Effective communication can improve productivity, but also decreases work related stress and increases job satisfaction, both of which increase longevity and loyalty of staff. With such amazing benefits, is effective communication an area of focus within your organisation?

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