Why should you manage Stress in the workplace?

Aside from the legal obligation as an employer, there are tremendous benefits to both your organisation and you and your team as individuals.

Whether the stress is being caused by the job or external personal influences, you do have a duty of care to manage it as an employer.

Even with a limited knowledge of stress, it makes sense that reducing it amongst the workforce, would increase efficacy.

Remember that stress is our innate “fight or flight” reaction to perceived danger. At this point our bodies drive is survival and blood flow is concentrated in our core, which amongst other things impairs cognitive ability (reduces our ability to think )

Historically, these may well have been life threatening, but now are much less likely to be. An impending deadline, presentation, or interview can and will produce the same reaction in the body as a life threatening danger, the subconscious does not differentiate.

This means at times of stress, peoples reasoning and decision making capabilities are drastically reduced. For people in situations of prolonged stress this is an ongoing problem.

Therefore, it stands to reason that reducing the stress, will increase people’s ability to do their job well.

The situations and requirements of an organisation often cannot or do not need to be changed. Situations can be managed more effectively, when we are better able to manage the stress involved.

Research shows stress and mental health has a significant detrimental affect on attendance, productivity and retention rates of staff.

Effective management of stress in the workplace, could therefore increase attendance, productivity and overall wellbeing amongst your workforce. This in turn can reduce the costs to your business of absence, presenteeism and recruitment.

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